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Crystal Night Ball

Crystal Night Ball

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🌌💎 Crystal Night Ball with Base 💡🏡

Transform your abode with the mystical allure of our Luminous Orb with Pedestal! This radiant sphere is more than a mere luminary; it’s an enchanting centerpiece that infuses every corner with elegance.

🔮 Distinctive Features:

  • Aesthetic Allure: Cast a spellbinding light across your personal sanctuaries—be it your sleeping quarters, lounge, study, nursery, or workspace.
  • Adaptable Elegance: A treasure for all ages, this orb is the quintessential present for celebrations, milestones, or simply as a token of light and love.

    📐 Description:

    • Material: Crafted from glass and wood for durability and elegance.
    • Crystal Ball Diameter: 6cm

    🎁 Package Contents:

    • 1 × Crystal Night Ball with Base

    Add a touch of magic to your home decor with our Crystal Night Ball with Base! ✨🏠

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